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No headline Unless you been living in a cave, you know the latest animated tale, Croods, comes right out of the Stone Age. But the not so modern day family road trip adventure, a visual spectacle of orangy flesh eating birds and gargantuan cats with enormous heads, is heartwarming and funny and full of kooky characters to love.

Not that Croods is of the level of a Story or Little Mermaid. The movie crawls a little slowly in the beginning but catches on about a third of the way through. does not tout the pop culture savvy of, say, a But what it does well is physical comedy, spiffy dialogue, a lot of action, visual spark and plenty of emotion.

Croods, written and directed by Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders, finds our cave dwelling prehistoric family, well, living in a cave for days at a time. canada goose jakke rens They venture out only when the need for a meal calls. The Croods are the only humans canada goose jakke victoria parka around in their prehistoric suburbia, considering other nearby families have been done in by big creatures who have eaten them, among other dangers.To ensure his family survival, the patriarch of the group, Grug (Nicolas Cage), canada goose jakke uden pels has come up with a few rules, like never go out at night, always seek protection in the cave and never, ever try anything new.

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